What to expect

You will be offered an opportunity to learn infant massage with your baby over 5 weekly sessions.  Only you or your partner will massage your baby during the sessions, whilst Jo uses a life-size doll to show you the massage strokes and gentle stretches.

The 5 sessions break down a whole body massage into small manageable sections, which allow you and your baby to cope with the new techniques.  It can take weeks for an infant to tolerate a whole body massage due to their immature nervous system.  Breaking the techniques down into small sections means both you and your infant can get the most from the sessions.

You will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions during and after the sessions.

Jo will provide massage oils and handouts for each session.  If both parents attend or your infant is sleeping, there are dolls to practice on.  There will be an opportunity after each session to relax, meet other parents and ask questions over a cup of tea/coffee and yummy baking.

What to bring

  • Your baby!
  • A plastic changing mat and towel or two to massage your baby on.
  • A soft toy or teething ring that your baby enjoys playing with (if appropriate).
  • If bottle feeding your baby, please bring a drink for them.
  • A clean nappy.

Dads are very welcome

It is truly wonderful to have Dads attend the sessions.  Massage offers a way for Dads to bond with their infants at a deeper level and I have seen many fathers thoroughly enjoying massaging their baby.


$80 for a 5 week course including oils, information pack and refreshments.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available and make a wonderful present for baby showers and new parents. Cost $80.

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