What others have said about Baby Massage Christchurch…

What did you like best about the class?

“Fun, informal atmosphere.”
“Learning different ways of consciously caressing and touching my baby. Ways to connect with my baby.”
“Relaxed atmosphere, flexible approach in teaching.  Practical ways of adapting/incorporating massage with my baby.”
“Learning to do something for my child/with my child. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere.”
“Jo’s expertise – great information and advice!”
“Small private group. Liked the ice breakers at the start of each class.”
“Small groups. Being able to interact with my baby at such a close level.”

What did you learn from and about your baby in terms of infant massage?

“She loves having her feet and legs rubbed.”
“When to stop massaging – when it was enough.  It helped me respect my baby.”
“Learnt about my baby’s preferences, when she’s ok and when she’s not.”
“Some great tips on physiology e.g. digestion.”
“He enjoys massage but gives clear signs when he has had enough. He enjoys to be massaged particularly on his feet and face.”
“What she enjoys and doesn’t enjoy.”

How did Jo help you feel comfortable in the class?

“Very relaxed demeanor.”
“Cups of tea, yummy baking. Just a general welcoming feel.”
“Talking calmly and encouraging.”
“Ice breakers at the start of each class. Always checking if we understood or whether we wanted things repeated. Opportunity to ask questions.”
“Relaxed atmosphere, flexible approach in teaching.”
“Very relaxed, chatty atmosphere.”
“Good and slow explanations and handouts.”
“Talking about the strokes from the previous week.”
“Talking about her own experiences and didn’t judge.”

“Jo is wonderfully friendly.  I feel she encouraged everyone to interact and talk with each other.”

What changes would you suggest for future classes?

“All really good.”
“I honestly can’t think of any.”
“Can’t think of any.”
“Not sure as it was all really good.”
“Nothing.  Just keep to small groups.”

“Share baking recipes.”

Other reflections you would like to share?

“I thought it was fantastic, and a really nice way to spend time with a second baby. Nice to learn a skill I can use at home with both my kids. I actually thought of taking it again as it was such a nice way to spend a Saturday morning!”

“It was a really nice part of our week. The classes were relaxed and flexible and a nice thing to come and do.”
“I especially loved how the course is designed to cater different people/babies with different needs.  Great tips to adapt massage in future stages and do not forget the great baking.  Fantastic host Jo!”

“Thanks heaps Jo. I really enjoyed the class.”
“Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Can now use it to meet [Katie’s] needs more individually. Thanks.”
“Really lovely experience.  Thank you Jo!”
“Was really nice to spend a little time after each class and share some experiences.”
“It’s been a great way to get dads involved in interacting with baby.”

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