One-to-One Sessions Available

One-to-one sessions

Jo has the option of offering one-to-one sessions on a Saturday morning.  These are typically 45 minute sessions costing $30 per baby.   This is a great way to introduce your baby to massage or enable Jo to tailor the massage to your baby’s needs if you do not wish to commit to a 5-week class or you feel your baby would suit a one-to-one session better than a  group setting.  Great if you have a colic or windy baby and you want a fast relief option.  Also more suitable if you want a refresher session with Jo after doing the 5-week course.  Contact Jo to discuss your needs and book a session.

Photo shoot with Kylie Douglass

Some time ago, the very generous and talented Kylie Douglass offered to come and take some photos of a class for me.  Thank you to Kylie for her hard work and great shots and for lending me her beautiful baby boy for more photos.  Thank you to the gracious parents who kindly let Kylie photograph them and their babies and have allowed me to use the photos for the website.  I am very grateful indeed!

I would highly recommend Kylie if you are looking for a photographer to capture your pregnancy, baby, child or family.  For more of her work please go to

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Something Cute to Share With You

I have been massaging my son Ben since he was 2 weeks old.  He is now 3 years old.  He has recently returned to enjoying massages after a break away from it.  I now offer him a back or foot massage before bed where I tell him a little story.  He chooses what character he wants to be and the massage takes us on an exciting journey.  After he has his massage, he gets the massage oil, swishes it between his hands and says “mummy, what do you want to be?” and then he massages my back, arm or foot, depending on what it is he wants to massage.  It is so unbelievably gorgeous!  So parents, continue to offer massages to your children, and at some point your child will start to reciprocate the offer and your heart will melt when it happens!